Initiating the marketing process Custom Paper

1- Find an organizational chart from a company of interest and compare it to the one in the book "i will upload a picture of the chart that is in the book". in no longer than one page, show the organizational chart you found and describe what is similar and what is different. Are there any SBUs? if so, name them.
also, find the mission from this company and put it on the top of the paper with the company title. at the bottom of the paper, designate the market share within their industry and the current stock price for the business and cite the source of the information.

2-choose one of your favorite products from chapter 1 ( you can choose one of these " Adidas, Apple, Blackberry, Lexus, Zara") and do an environmental scan by designating each environmental force and the identifying critical trends. this requires some some thought and detail. please source your information so this is not your opinion. put the information in a templete

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