Integrating Professional Experience

The written assignment of 6000 words (+ or – 10%) includes an academic paper and reflective learning log(s), focussed on the development and practical application of reflective practice at an individual and organisation level. The personal Learning Log(s), records observations, reflections and personal skills developed during previous formal management training and also within past and present working environments. The submission should also demonstrate the student’s abilty to analyse, understand and apply academic theory and thinking to a practical managerial environment.

The first part (2000 words approx) is a reflective log(s) applying the reflective skills acquired during the previous Study Skills Module of this course. The reflection will be focused on the student’s own work experience. The log(s) should reflect upon a particular aspect of work experience where the student perceives either an area which they may need a clearer understanding of or think that they may be capable of improvement, or where they wish to identify the pros and cons of recent or planned change. useful section entitled ‘Keeping a Log’ in the Allen and Lewis reference.

The log(s) should be included as an Appendix to the final report as described below.

The second part (4000 words approx) of the assessment is a report which will develop one or more of the key management issues identified in the reflective log(s) produced as above. This is an opportunity for the student to read around subject areas and to gain an understanding of the academic thinking behind selected management issues. As an extension of the reflective skills, the student will be expected to discuss whether they agree or indeed disagree with academic opinion. It is also anticipated that the student will take the opportunity to develop some ideas or theories of your own based on evidence within their reflective log(s). These ideas may be developed further in later course Modules and particularly within the Dissertation.


You are expected to produce a formal academic report for this particular module.

As such you will be expected to include the following as a minimum:

Title Page
Contents Page
Main body – which may be broken up with headings and sub headings as appropriate (think of these as sign posts for the reader)
References List
Bibliography (if required)
Appendices – these will include your reflective learning log(s)

Harvard Referencing is to be used
Ariel 11 with 1.5 spacing

Please ensure that the writers first language is english as i do not wish to have any person whos first language is not english writing my paper.

This paper is very specific:

This essay is a 2 part essay:

1st part is the learning logs 2000 words (preparation of the learning logs before your start writing about them (i will give examples of what i mean)

2nd part is the essay 4000 (at the end of the essay add the learning logs in an appendix)

the learning logs have to be methodical and also have to be inserted in to an appendix at the end of the essay

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