Is the death penalty effective

This essay should argues a position on a controversial, arguable issue. Your introduction should get your audience’s attention, provide background that identifies the conversation you are joining and clearly state your entry into the conversation , the claim you intend to support.
The body of your argument should appeal to LOGOS by representing reasons and evidence in support of your position.
it should as well as appeal to ETHOS by accurately representing and responding to opposing views.
You may also appeal to PATHOS within your body by appealing to the values and beliefs of your audience.
You may choose your audience while formulating the purpose of your final draft:
1. Change the current opinion of an audience that holds a different view.
2. Persuade and uninformed audience to adopt your view
3. Persuade and agreeing and imformed audience to act( why is it urgent enough to act?)
YOU SHOULD PROVIDE NO LESS THAN 4-5 SECONDARY SOURCES IN YOUR WORK CITED PAGE. Three of wich must not be internet-based. ” Internet Based” doesn’t include articles, reports. Try to go beyond the general info sites like Wikipidia, and Encarta

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