Is there a difference between mature students and young adults in transitions to higher education? Custom Paper

This is a qualitative research using thematic analysis.I need help with the introductionatleast6-8 themes are required.relate the findings to previous theory and empirical studies regarding my research question. in the findings and discussion, explain thematic analysis and what its used for, BRAUN and Clarke (2006)Using thematic analysis in psychology for example. discuss themes found from interviews justifying the themes found. use quotes from interviews to support the themes discussed. what perspectives are the participants speaking from? don’t include info which is not evident in the transcripts. The conclusion includes summary of the themes you have found, what the findings mean, what have you concluded from the study and suggestions for future research.(transcripts for creating themes will be uploaded later) Also included is the required order to write this report and I have done the method section as required. So please help me with the intro and the findings and discussion sections.dont hesitate to ask any questions.

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