IT leader chapter 6&7

from this book “Adventures of an IT Leader”(by :Austin, Nolan,O’Donnell k ). answer this question from chapter 5 :

IT Leader chapter 6 &7 : All student work submitted through SafeAssignment will be screened for plagiarism.
1.An end-of-chapter question asks you to take sides in the debate between Huerta and Calder. I’ll suggest that it may not be so simple. Is it possible that each can be “right” under certain circumstances? If so, under what circumstances?

2.The Software Engineering Institute’s “Capability Maturity Model” is mentioned on p. 96. What are the key charcteristics of the CMM approach to software project management?

3.What seems to be the core idea in the “Agile” approach to project management? (We’ll talk more about these issues soon)…

4.If you’ve been involved in a “death march” project, tell us about it.

5.Let’s begin an ongoing discussion on the tradeoffs involved in using consultants, or other third parties, in IT projects. If applicable, include your own experiences.

6.Can we generalize on the percentages of “competes” versus “qualifiers” applications?

7. We’ll discuss infrastructure replacement projects soon. What is “infrastructure” in this context
and how does it differ from the types of systems that we have discussed so far?

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