ITN Case Study

IP address configuration
IP addressing the breakdown of the IP addresses must be given in a table format showing the IP address and the 7 subnets, with the range, broadcast and network address for each

Project Costs
Details of the costs for this project in terms of human and physical. Any equipment which is specified must be justified by the author in its choice and reference given to the source.

Cabling Diagram
Details of different connectivity options, and justification of the used option.Diagram showing the location of the cables at the two sites and the positioning of the switches.

Configuration of the network in the Packet Tracer simulation package to demonstrate the network operating with all of the basic configurations detailed for the routers. The file must be submitted with your report

Presentation of the work
The work must be presented in a suitable word processed format and Harvard referencing must be used for all prices to show the original source.

hi The IP address which you need to use for the solutions will be

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