” Just take away their guns” By James Q. Wilson

Paper should analyze and evaluate the essay’s argument and some aspects of its reasoning. Specifically, consider examining the original piece’s evidence, its core assumptions/terms, the strengths and weaknesses of it, and/or its persuasiveness. Use Barnet’s terminology (definition, emotional appeal, use of evidence, etc) to frame your analysis.
Remember, you are not doing a topic analysis. You are not explaining why you do or do not agree with the author. Rather, you are explaining how the author makes his or her argument and whether you think it is effective. (Just because it didn’t make you change your personal opinion doesn’t mean it wasn’t an effective argument!)Make sure your paper contains a clear and explicit thesis stating your overall critique of the essay at the end of your introductory paragraph(s). Your paper MUST have a thesis! Include direct evidence from the original piece (indicate page numbers for any quotations), use Barnet’s terminology for analyzing arguments, and create a thorough conclusion. Organize your response logically (using your points rather than following the list of prompts above or in our text) and provide transitions between your main points. Make sure to correctly cite the essay you choose, in APA style. You should not include ANY outside sources. Your only source should be the essay because all you are analyzing is how the author makes his argument. Finally, remember you don’t need to summarize the argument’s topic for us at length–spend your time analyzing it instead. ATTATCHED IS THE ESSAY, that you need to use

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