Latin American Families: An Organizational Culture

I put very specific instructions about my topics which were MACHISMO and FAMILISM described in the sources that I also provided for the writer to use. My essay is about LATIN AMERICAN FAMILIES and this essay that the writer gave me talks about LATINOS in general. I provided an outline of the essay as well as a power point presentation for the writer to follow as guideline. Please re do the essay as soon as possible.

Instructions are attached. Also attached is an outline of the essay, the sources that need to be used. (Other sources can be used as well, but the five sources on the outline must be used) Also, a powerpoint presentation about my essay is attached. It should be pretty easy to put together the paper with the instructions, outline, sources and powerpoint presentation attached.
Needs to be from 4 to 7 pages. I put 5 on the description just in case, but you can do as many as you want.

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