Complete the following five Leadership questionnaires or exercises in the Northouse (2010) Text on pages 142, 198, 235, 265, and 296. Score and/or interpret the results of each assessment with a brief comment on your reaction to the results. Identify each questionnaire clearly. This section may simply be a list of the questionnaires with the score, the meaning and your comment. In addition, discuss each of these questionnaires/exercises in about ½ page. This means describing your behavior in the workplace that either supports or refutes the results of the assessment.
The remainder of this exam is a personal assessment of your own leadership style and decision-making style.
Start with an introduction that gives the reader a complete picture of your experience in the workplace. This should be about ½ page.
Then identify and discuss what leadership style or styles best describe(s) your behavior as a leader. This should be about 1-2 pages
Complete the paper with a conclusion section addressing your overall style. Conclude with specific recommendations for self-improvement. This should be about 1 page
You must apply the concepts from the course material – class readings, exercises, and discussions.
Use sources to clearly support your information. Please adhere to APA style. The entire exam should be approximately 5 – 8 pages.

***The book we are using is Leadership: Theory and Practice 5th Edition by Peter G. Northouse**

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