loneliness among the characters in a ballad of the sad cafe

Must be a persuasive essay using Carson McCullers’ The Ballad of the Sad Cafe. It’s important that the essay includes elements of a number of rhetorical modes.

Length: 1500 words at the least (exclusive of notes and works cited pages).

Typed: double-spaced in a standard 12 point font using Times New Romans with 1 inch margins.

Notes: A minimum of three information notes must be included. These are to be end notes and may indicate additional sources where information cited may be found.

Works Cited page: Just annotated for each source. (one line statement concerning the content or value of each source; Example: “Useful overview of studies conducted in the past ten years [title of book, article, etc. should indicate the subject of the study; if it doesn’t then include that information in the annotation]).

All quoted materials must be introduced with the author’s name and must be followed by a comment; Example: Simon Alberquist argues convincingly that “[assisted suicide] is a contradiction in terms” which “complicates rather than alleviates the problems inherent to this controversial issue” (83). Like any other self-directed action, outside intervention in suicide changes the nature of the action. [this is an entirely fictional entry followed by a comment].

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