Managing Teams

you are required to watch the two recommended videos available via the following links:

While watching the videos make sure you take notes.
Bearing in mind the content of the videos you are required to write a report of 600-800 words on the factors that contribute to the success of teams. Your report should focus the topics discussed in the course and more specifically on chapter 1, 2, 4, 5, 6. Hence you should discuss the importance of teams, the criteria and threats to team effectiveness. Refer to compensation issues and the factors that contribute to team decision-making.
The report should include the following:
 A cover page (title, course title and code, student name and ID number, lecturer’s name, date of submission, words)
 Table of contents
 Introduction
 Main body (with titles of your own)
 Conclusion
 References (they count 5% of the mark)
• Appendices (any additional information you would like to include)
• You MUST use APA referencing system. Failure to do so will result to loosing 5% of your mark. In addition, you may be accused of plagiarism. Please make sure you read the student handbook on plagiarism and you use APA throughout the report.
• You may include tables, figures etc to support your discussion.
• You should use 12pt, Times New Roman, 1,5 space
Please dont put anything in bullet points. should provide 6-7 references.
according to the videos please make sure you provide 4 most important factors.

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