Marketing Plan and Business Plan for (Hydroponic Farm)

This is A marketing and business plan .

First our project is about Hydroponic Farm .We need to run this business in Saudi Arabia .
However , you should consider that : We have a shortage in vegetables and also we have shortage in water .
so we need to run this business in (in door green houses ) .

We will focus in grow cucumbers .

Firstly , we will use 10 of indoor green houses .This allow us to grow 10 tons of cucumbers every 45 days .

secondly, we will hire 4 workers and one agriculture engineering .

third , we will use some generators , but we do not know how many .

fourth, this project will run in Jeddah in west part of Saudi Arabia ,
So please I recommended you to read allot about the weather and environment in Jeddah , Also watch some videos about Hydroponic Farm to cover all the aspects .


The Cost as following :
The total cost we be $ 130000.

1- The cost for the land $ 5000.
2- The cost for each work is $500 a month , and the engineer is $1000, so the total of the workers is $3000 a month.

3-for the generators we will need to spend $10 daily .

4- The cost to build one green house is $5000 , so the total will be $ 50000 .

5-The cost of water is $100 per month .

6- Also try to figure out the other cost to be appropriate with over all the total cost ($130000).


The revenue as following :

1-every 45 days there are 10 tons , and we will sell the ton for $900.

2- I will sell my product to big supermarket or in auctions.

Important NOTE/

I will make order for 14 pages .

1-I need the first 5 pages in Marketing plan . (Please cover all the marketing plan elements.)

2- I need the other 9 pages in business plan ( please cover all the elements in business plan ).


please be in mind this project is A green Business .

1-I have attached to you all class materials from class about business and marketing plan .

2- I have attached some excel sheets which I received from the be used also in the project.

Please be sure about the work , our Dr is very tough about the work and grads , he will return the work to us for any mistakes , and we will contact you for any modification the Dr need .

so please please make the work perfect .The Dr.said we will not pass and graduated if this not high performance work , so for that I order 14 pages .

Please do any modification the marketing or business plan wants from your experience in this kind of project .

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