Medication Safety

Please write the content of a brochure (Plain text in MS Word).

Guidelines for Assignment
Topic: Medications Safety / Target population: Toddlers / Target audience: Caregivers
Please write the text for creating of a brochure and APA reference page (ONLINE sources only!). This must consists of a minimum of 5 references that were utilized.
Text for the brochure:
Must focus on a single message “ The best brochure makes just one point, loud and clear.
An effective poster should be geared toward the population selected and toward your target audience.
Please write in bullets statements!
Keep the sequence well-ordered and obvious.
The pieces should be organized in a way that leads the viewer .
Keep it simple. List all the things that you want to say, and then put them in order of importance.
The most important things should go 1st.- Title is centered at the top.
Mistakes that are made are trying to cram too much information into the brochure, distracting from the topic.

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