Modern Political Theory in Research

The Ontological and epistemological reflection needs to be refined, i have red marked the areas where the instructions needs to be followed. ‘i will upload the final paper so you cab refer to that. Also:
The theory’s relevance to the problem / question you will investigate in this essay will also be discussed. What is / are theories do you think is / the most useful and rewarding when it comes to understanding or explaining your problem? Why? That is, justify your choice of theory. Often it may be appropriate to ask two or more theories against each other. Thereby, one can argue that this or that theory is best suited to systematize, to reduce complexity and to explain or help to understand the problems that are the focus. If you choose eg to use rational choice theory to analyze the credit crunch – why this theory is adequate to explain this problem? What are the criticisms of rational choice? What is the theory’s strengths / weaknesses? pros and cons? (Remember that the benefits should weigh out cons!). It is also important that you can justify why you have opted out of competing theories in the chosen problem area.

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