motivations for volunteering” – why people volunteer.

complete this before you have written the whole paper and it helps you to organize your thoughts.

2) Check out the web link on how to create a research poster (although most of the examples you find on the web will be for science posters, you can make a poster for any kind of research).

3) Check out the sample poster (from our sample paper) that I uploaded to the Poster Display blog where you will also make yours available for your classmates to see.

4) Feel free to look for additional hints, tips and tutorials on the web.

5) Create a single PowerPoint slide for your poster. Keep in mind the following communication considerations:
– Your audience for a poster could be anybody – make it easily understandable
– Use colour and graphics in a way that adds to the message
– Use the least amount of text possible in order to have your font as big as possible. Viewers need to see it and read it from a distance.
– Make sure you have all the parts of your paper that I mentioned in items 1 & 2 above.
– In your references put only the ones that you cited in the poster (2 or 3 at most) Note: you must cite some for the literature review section.

6) When your slide is completed

A. Submit the PowerPoint (ppt) file
B. Save it as an image file (jpeg or png) and post an entry on the Poster Display blog with the file attached.

and here is the web link

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