Movie Review

Apparently, writing review article also referred to as article critique denotes a special way of writing; however it involves article reading then provision of content to the reader as well. Reviews article may require you to apply your real life situations. E.g. writing about your view concerning that article and how it may be of benefit to you. Eventually, arguments and main point of a review article should be generated in your own words whereby your reference is based on assistance outline.

In other cases, you should come up with list of weaknesses where by it may not offer solutions or new information and strengths whereby it may submit clear particular issues summation. Personal evaluation is required when writing a conclusion. While doing review article, focus is kept more than the article itself; it tends to contain your count about the article, field or how does it affect someone. In other cases, counterchecking should be considered to know whether some omission has occurred or else addition of words needed. In other words, review article first paragraph should indicate highlights to the article’s summary.

However, the summary should provide important details, following its summary; significance of review article should be discussed. Actually, begin your review article by refereeing the author and name of the article. Additionally, review article requires a heading which includes sources of citation being reviewed. For instance, incase of author’s accuracy, you should review each item in summary outline.

Basically, in review article you should include opinions outlines in explaining more paragraphs indicating how correct author’s topics have been addressed; use supportive argument and topic sentences in each opinion. Towards your conclusion, you are required to summarize strong point in each paragraph with your view on its clarity, accuracy and significance if relevant, add implication comment for further research.

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