Narrative Essay

or the Discussion Board assignment, you will:
1.Select a topic from the list below for your narrative essay and develop a thesis statement from your topic selection. 2.You will then post to the discussion board your writing strategies for developing your thesis. You will then summarize your experiences.
Follow the instructions below very carefully.
1. Select a Topic:
Choose a topic from the list below that will give you the flexibility to write a narrative about a subject that is meaningful to you.
Topics List:
A memorable trip to historic site, museum, amusement park, etc.
A difficult decision
A day when everything went right
A day when everything went wrong
A family Reunion
A class Reunion
Getting Married
Becoming engaged
A family celebration
A work event
Follow the instructions below very carefully.
Post to the Discussion Board: 2 Paragraphs (350-500 words)
A. Paragraph 1: Your writing strategies and your process of developing a thesis statement.
After selecting your topic, use the pre-writing strategies such as mind mapping, brain storming, and free writing to develop and refine your thesis statement. Describe your method of developing the thesis statement. At the end of your description on your pre-writing strategies, write your thesis statement. If you have used mind mapping, sketches, or drawings in your pre-writing strategies, scan in your graphics and upload as a separate attachment to the discussion board. Post your prewriting strategies and thesis statement to the discussion board.


B. Paragraph 2: Discussion of your experiences in exploring the virtual library.
Summarize your experience in exploring the virtual library and the features that you think will assist you in the writing process.
In your own words, please post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.
After writing the discussion board above please leave a blank page and then start with the below

Assignment Type: Individual Project Deliverable Length: 600-1200

Using your thesis statement developed in the first part of the discussion write a short (1-2 pages) narrative essay about the topic you have selected. The essay should be based on your ideas and opinions and supported by your own knowledge and experiences. IMPORTANT: Please follow the guidelines outlined for the narrative pattern of development in the chapter of your textbook on writing this type of essay. Use the information in the chapter to outline your essay and include this outline with your paper submission.
The narrative essay should present your personal point of view of a topic and offer support in defense of your position. The goal of the narrative essay is to tell a story. However, this story makes a point and presents a series of events in an organized manner.
The essay should be original and written in Standard English. In writing your essay, avoid jargon or colloquial language, unless it is used in dialogue to enhance your essay and to point out a manner of speaking. If you choose to use dialogue, use the proper method to distinguish dialogue with punctuation marks.
In addition, maintain effective grammar, syntax, organization, and style as you write. You may use first or third person perspective to tell your story (narrative).
Following the narrative pattern of development outlined in your textbook your paper should contain: introduction paragraph (place your thesis statement at the end of this paragraph) 2.body paragraphs (each body paragraph should present and discuss a point that supports your thesis statement) 3.conclusion paragraph
IMPORTANT: Do not research this essay or include any citations.

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