Networking Report

Professor’s instruction:

Networking Report 100 points
Identify a networking contact (not a relative or your current supervisor) who currently holds a position in a potential field of interest. If your contact holds the exact type of position you are interested in—all the better. Then, set up an information interview with that person. The interview can be in person or over the phone. Be sure that your potential contact understands that you are looking for information, not a job. This assignment requires you to report on the interview in a two-three page single spaced memo. I will be looking for three things: 1) Information about who you interviewed and how you found them; 2) Details of the conversation; 3) An assessment based on your conversation that leads you further toward or away from that particular career path—tell me why!

My instruction:

*you can choose to make things up for this interview?don’t have to actually interview with someone?, but make sure this person is working in an art gallery or own an art gallery in Los Angeles.
I’m a business major and interest in studio art (painting), my future goal is to have my own art gallery.

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