new museum of contemporary art,(new York city )



The topic is new museum of contemporary art,(new York city )


2.         Summarize the event by reporting such things as WHEN and WHERE it occurred, the SIZE, the CIVILIZATION that built it and the CULTURE that was prevalent in the era, and any other pertinent information concerning this contribution to the built environment.


3.         Report on HOW it was built, based on your own research and understanding of what was available.  You should comment on such items as: the MATERIALS used; the METHODS, TOOLS and/or EQUIPMENT used; and the LABOR FORCE at the time. (Hint – this part is at least 25% of your grade)


4.         Lastly, I would like each of you to give your best analysis of how you think such a structure (whether it be a building, road, dam, canal, bridge, etc.) would be built IF IT WAS BUILT TODAY!  Speculate, be creative, make a lot of assumptions – whatever it takes! (Hint – this part is at least 25% of your grade)


5.         The minimum number of pages in the body of the report is 10 (this number does NOT include the title page, abstract or reference page!). The report is to be computer generated, 12-font, 1” margins, double-spaced with page numbers in the lower right corner. Any sketches, photos, etc., will be counted in the page count – up to a point!


6.         A Bibliography is mandatory. A minimum of three references are required and a minimum of two references must be from sources other than the internet.  You also must indicate in the text where each of the references are being cited or quoted. Use MLA format for references – see the MLA Guidelines document under “Assignments” on the CON101 web page.


You MUST have a cover page, and then a 100-word (maximum) Abstract, titled “Abstract,” on a separate sheet.


  1. Point value for this Final Research Paper is 200 points. Remember – get it “write” the first time – no re-writes. Double check your work. Don’t do it the night before it’s due! Spelling, grammar and content all count – you must address all three!
  1. Topic is new museum of contemporary art,(new York city )

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