NIXONLAND: The Rise of a President and the Fracturing of America

(ISBN#: 074324303X, paperback, 2009). This is the book that I have:


I. Introduction: Background information on the topic

II. A clear, definitive thesis statement

III. Each body paragraph should include the following:

> A clear topic sentence that relates directly to the thesis

> Several supporting ideas that reflect your view points

> Cited examples from the text that illustrate your ideas (including the page numbers)

> Conclusion: A reminder of the thesis statement

1. A book review is an essay with the purpose of commenting on a particular work related to a central theme or subject. A book review is not a summary of a piece of writing!! There should be very little space in the body of the assignment devoted to telling the reader what the book was about. Instead, the review should concentrate on your thoughts, perceptions and discussions of a topic covered in the text. Yet, it must reveal that you understand the importance of the topic(s) of the book.

2. A book review is a first person writing assignment. Therefore, it is appropriate and necessary to refer to your personal thoughts and opinions. (I.E. it is ok to use “I”.)

3. You will need to support your ideas with specific information from the text. This information must be documented with parenthesis and page numbers – for example – (2). Remember that not only are direct quotes cited, but summarized and paraphrased information must be cited as well.

4. Your essay must include an introduction, several body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

5. The introduction needs to include the title and author of the text, as well as a well stated and obvious thesis statement. The introduction is the appropriate place for any necessary summarizing or background presentation of the book.

6. The body of the essay should include discussion of most of the chapters of the book. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence that clearly relates to the thesis and includes support and details from the text.

7. Double spaced, 12 font, and MLA

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