Organisational Change ManagementReason:

Read and critically evaluate the following D2 case study. Then structure your work by following and applying the “Appreciative Inquiry 5D framework” (Cooperider, Witney and Stavros, 2008) to design and plan a change management intervention in response to the organizational change at D-2. Use the following questions as a guide:

Consider the advice you might give to (the manager):
1. Apply your developed theoretically informed knowledge of organizational change to identify what are the key issues that require attention.
2.Select one or more of these issues for detailed consideration and justify your choice.
3.Identify and critically review those theories that could aid your understanding of the issue(s) you have selected for special consideration.
4. Explain how these theories might inform the advice you will offer?

Basic steps in AI involves a cycle of 5D, namely Definition, Discovery, Dream, Design and Destiny (Cooperider and Whitney, 2001 and der Haar and Hosking, 2004). Your work should address the following questions which accompany each stage of the cycle; your work must be structured into sections using only these 5D cycle headings/ the 5D framework – Definition, Discovery, Dream, Design, Destiny.

a. Definition – what are the primary underlying case study problems and key issues?
b. Discovery – Select one or more of these issues for detailed consideration and justify your choice. Consider How might these underlying problems be addressed?
c. Dream – What and when might the possible or potential solutions be?
d. Design – How, and in what ways might these possible solutions be implemented?
e. Destiny – Recognition of limitations to your design and consideration/ formulation of possible solutions which might address and balance these limitations

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