Our Process

The ordering process at crestessays.com is very straight-forward and this has been made possible by our user friendly system that allows you to make your order within a very short time. The first thing is to provide us with details of your paper and this includes some personal details like your daily contacts, email address, account details of your preferred payment mode and your full names.

Some of these details are very personal but you can rest assured that they will not be availed to any third parties and they are purely for the purposes of helping us serve you better, and for identification purposes since we do not want to deliver a paper that does not belong to you.

After giving us your order details, a customer care person will go through your specifications to check that everything has been entered correctly; then in accordance to your level and area of study, your paper is assigned to the most appropriate writer. The writer starts work on your paper immediately, once all transactions have been made as agreed and the duration that it takes will depend on the deadline that you provide to us; which should be reasonable depending on the length and scope of the paper that you need us to help you with. Before your paper is delivered to you, it has to go through a thorough plagiarism check and editing, so as to rid it of any errors. This is done by our competent team of editors who will ensure that every sentence makes sense and that all spellings of words are right.

Your finished paper should be delivered to you a while before its due date so that you can have time to read through it and ensure that everything was done as you had specified. Do not hesitate to order with crestessays.com today!

Use the order calculator below and get started! Contact our live support team for any assistance or inquiry.