planning and decision making

For each MIR, students will identify one topic they
would like to learn more about that was covered since the last quiz and then find at least five
articles available on the internet (not counting the textbook) that directly address that topic. The
articles should be from multiple sources (such as newspapers, business periodicals, etc.,
encyclopedia type sourcesthat often repeat information in the text are not generally appropriate
for this assignment), be written sometime within the last three years, and address what is
happening in the Texas Triangle and/or the Border Corridor. Students are encouraged to draw
from their personal experience. The student will read these articles, reflect on how they show
either good or bad managerial practice, and then write an essay that integrates knowledge from
the text, the articles, and class discussion. This essay should represent a true integration rather
than simply repeating information. Appropriate citations to materials used must be given in the
text and references provided

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