Pride and Prejudice/ Theme of Love Custom Paper

What does Austen (the author) have to say about love in this book?

My theme of love is that love should be unconditional. If your love is unconditional when you do not like something about your mate then you will find a way to overcome it because of your love for them. You love through mistakes and adversity. When you love someone and commit to them, you are committing to being faithful and not give up when times or arguments push you too. Its like marriage til death do you part. Also, you are willing to do all you can for your mate 50/50. There is no price tags, looks, or anything attached when you really fall for someone. I don’t believe in cheating or competing for love nor do I believe in choosing a mate for my child period. Money and materials are do not play a huge part in love when it comes to me.

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