Psychology/Statistics: Quantitative hypothetical data and SPSS output set with the properties Custom Paper

I have come up with a quantitative hypothetical data and SPSS output set with the properties i believe will be obtained in my final data. This data set is based upon data from previous modified data to possess the properties of the proposed data collection. You will be required to undertake an analysis on this data set, and detail the results of this analysis. You will be assessed upon the thoroughness of:
The hypotheses being assessed, and the extent to which operationalisation of the hypotheses is made clear. (2%).
Suitability of the analytic approach to address the proposed hypotheses (5%).
Description of the data file to be collected (i.e. the nature of variables, etc) and details of data cleaning undertaken upon the hypothetical data file (3%). Please explain the process of data cleaning. What should or should not be carried out. Discuss if you would take out outliers etc…
Details of sample size estimation (i.e. Power) (5%).
Details of the analysis including effect sizes obtained with data, and details of the statistical output of the analysis from the relevant analytic package. Please use G power calculator (please refer to slideshow for information) (8%).
Professionalism of presentation (2%).

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