Quaternary geomorphology of the North Sea area through time

You need to divide the paper into subsections and cover the following:

a. Nature of the two Ice sheet through time (British and Scandinavian Ice Sheets):

Show a snap shot over time (Figures). Compare different model ideas. You need to develop more figures and diagram to illustrate the finding and to show where were the ice sheets in different time. Show a contrast figure where someone says the ice sheets did coalesce, while other said they did not at the same time period. You also need to include a map view of different time showing where the ice sheet were,

b. Sedimentation with time:

What type of sedimentation you were in the area at the same time of the ice sheets and what kind of environment they been depositing in. What the extent of that type of sediment?
You need to show stratigraphic column (vertically) and link it to a map review to show how the sedimentation has change in time and space. The stratigraphic column should show certain time that showing how the deposition change and indicating how the sedimentation might have been change at particular place on time and how it change at different places within the same time. Bring together in term of spatially and temporary where the ice sheet cover was and what the sediments were being depositing eroded deformed because of these ice sheet and what we have left today.

c. Subglacial deformation:

subglasical deformation/subglasical sediments deformation beneath the ice sheet, and the impact of that on surgeon the ice sheet and how rapidly was advancing.? Subglasical formation tell us about the ice sheet behavior. Scince the subglasical sediments work on ice dynamic, at the margin of the British and Scandinavian Ice Sheets the margin is important. For example at the margin of the Scandinavian ice sheet you get quite large sedimentation and that where the ice sheet behave different.

Note: for any of the subtopics you need to explain what they do to the geomorphology (including the interglacial period) with time.

You must include a lot of figures and include the references in text with the page number. I read all the references that is why I want the page number. Just use academic papers and never use any websites.

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