Racial Profiling of African Americans

We are required to critically assess the efficacy of an existing policy used by criminal justice professionals in the US society. The paper is intended to address a specific policy used by correction officials, court personnel, and/or law enforcement agents who attempt to prevent crime or intervene in the criminal’s life. The paper should include:

Topic introduction: First identify an issue of import to the Criminal Justice community. Provide a history of this existing policy and then identify the role of public sentiment. Was this policy intended to serve as a tool of prevention or intervention? Was it intended to deal with issues of crime control affecting Law Enforcement, the courts,or Corrections officials? Did this policy represent a modification of one already in existence or  was it a newly created, innovative attempt to bring reform to the Criminal Justice system? Was it intended to address crime control at the micro or macro level? Identify and discuss the theoretical framework(s) informing policy makers as they offered new ways of dealing with crime control issues in the US society.

Policy Analysis: Objectively evaluate both the efficacy and effectiveness of the policy chosen to analyze. Why was did policy makers think that this policy was necessary? What program(s) emerged from the policy? Given the information provided in the professional literature, has this policy been a success or a failure? Why? What have been its strengths and weaknesses? What goals has it accomplished or failed to accomplish? Would the crime problem be better addressed by drawing from a different theoretical understanding of criminal behavior? If so, identify what theory would be better suited to providing practical ways of addressing the issue at hand.

Policy Reform: Based upon your analysis of existing policy and your knowledge of crime, criminal behavior, and the administration of justice, suggest areas of concern that indicate the need for future research and/or modification with regard to the policy chosen.

Potential Problems: Conclude the paper by “thinking ahead.” Identify potential problems, pitfalls, and unintended outcomes of your suggestions. Respond to these by identifying the degree to which they would be problematic and their overall effect on the success of your suggested reform(s) should they come to be.

The paper should be written in APA style and should be objective only. References should include at least 5 professional journal articles, 2 contemporary books, and 1 news source of relevance to the topic.

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