Reinaldo Hartono

Reinaldo Hartono

Personal Statement Seattle University


Proud, outstanding, achievement oriented, and understanding, are the words that grave my life. I was born in Indonesia but moved to Seattle while in high school. The two places have shaped who I am in numerous ways, and I am glad for the opportunities they gave me. Moving to America was a new experience for me. I had come from a conservative region, where people uphold their traditions, and are more strict concerning the way they lead their lives than the Americans are. I love learning, and I believe that great minds are formed through education. The right education, applied the right way, equips a person with the tools needed to change the world. This, I believe, is the first step towards a transformed world.

My dad owns a building and house construction company, and he is the director of Windows and Doors Aluminums Specialist in Jakarta Indonesia. I have long since admired the work that he does, and I have seen how it can help people. I have aspirations and dreams to introduce my father’s company to the world, and develop the company to greater heights to surpass its rivals. In order to do this, I need to be well equipped and knowledgeable in business. I intend to make my father’s company global, and I know that I have to acquire in depth education for me to do that. I believe that Seattle University is the stepping-stone I need to do this. It is one of the most recognized universities in the world, and it has an enviable business education program.

Like many teenagers, I enjoyed my social life in high school. My academic life, on the other hand, was nothing to be proud of, for I never took my studies seriously. I transferred from Jakarta, Indonesia to Seattle, where I joined Shoreline Community College as an international student. It was here that I completed my high school program. This was a big move for me, because I was experiencing different cultures, and different people. I was in a new and foreign country, and I loved it. I made sure I had as much fun as I possibly could, and I enjoyed the freedom,. This inflicted a massive blow to my academics, for I ended up receiving poor grades. It was after getting my results that I realized how much I had lost my focus. My parents were working hard in Indonesia, while I was in America having fun and wasting time. I realized the disappointment I had become, and from that day, I resolved to change my attitude towards life. I chose to be serious with life, and concentrate on my studies.

Time travels fast, especially when one is occupied. I used my time well, and I was not disappointed with my results. I started seeing huge improvements in my studies, and my grades started improving. Once I began concentrating on my studies, I started enjoying learning, and I realized how easy it was for me to get excellent grades. Previously I would fail two or three courses, but once I started working hard, I began passing all the courses I took. I finished my high school diploma, and this has enabled me to further my education. I realize that I am lucky for having got the opportunity to learn and advance my studies. I did my degree in business, and this propelled me to greater heights, and enabled me to expand my horizons. I was able to learn business fundamentals, and gain business experience. However, I knew that I needed more education, thus my interest in your institutions MBA program. My parents never had such opportunities, due to the tough economic times. They received minimal education, but they worked hard to make sure that I have a better life.

I chose Seattle University and Albers School of Business and Economics because of their commitment towards education perfection. I admire their mission and vision, and the methods they use to educate their students. Moreover, I admire their commitment towards improving their communities, and the high quality graduates they produce. These qualities are attractive and admirable. Research conducted in 2012 by The U.S News and World Reports indicate that Seattle University is among the top ten universities. This year, the Fisks Guide to Colleges give the university four-five star academic rating and recognize it as one of the most inexpensive universities in the country. These facts are only a small representation of the qualities and achievements of Seattle University. I would feel honored to be accepted to this institution. I would appreciate the chance to study at the institution, and receive an MBA, as part of my degree requirement. I acknowledge the importance of quality education today. It is not only desirable to get a higher education, but it has become a necessity for survival.

The institution is not only recognized for having quality graduates, but also producing graduates with character. Many institutions seem to have forgotten the importance of character building, and this is unfortunate in today’s society. The students’ character is built from the strong catholic background, which enables students to recognize the relationships between humanity, God, and nature. I am a practicing Catholic, and I believe in these ideals. I am fortunate that my university of choice has a way to connect religion and studies. The only time I had this experience was when learning religious studies in high school, and even then, it was clear that the teacher did not know how to integrate learning and religion. Catholic run institutions provide the best education, due to their strict emphasis on quality education.

The diversity that is at the university will enable me to interact with people form diverse backgrounds. The university’s students and faculty come from different cultures and backgrounds. They have diverse experiences, and I know that this will help me in the future. The world of business is diverse, and one interacts with people from different areas. The university will give me a lead in the desired direction. I will learn how other cultures live, and will be able to find out how people live together despite their differences. The university’s mission aims at educating a person, and influencing more than his or her academic and professional life, and creating and empowering leaders for a transformed just world. I believe that this institution is ideal for me to learn and develop my character, and at the same time achieve my dreams.

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