Relational Cultural Theory

Briefly identify RCTs fundamental assumptions in a 7 page paper using APA style. This is to include:
o What are the fundamental assumptions of RCT?
o How does RCT differ from the “old psychology” of both women and men?
o What is your critical assessment of RCT?
o What connections do you see between the underlying ideas of RCT and the core underlying values of social work?
o How might RCT inform or guide our social work practice?
Your paper will be evaluated according to the Relational Cultural Theory Paper Rubric.
The student’s paper demonstrates in-depth critical reflection of RCT (i.e., identifies the core values of RCT AND can speak to how these values build off of and depart from the old psychology of women and men). As a means to developing a critical reflection, the student addresses the following key questions:

o What is the "old psychology of women" or "the old psychology of men", and what are the driving forces that create these understandings? What assumptions and biases inform these driving forces?
o How do gender roles become the basis for a theory of human development?
o What alternative to the old psychology of men and women do the RCT people propose?
o What’s your view of RCT’s value as a social work theory for practice?

The paper is written clearly and concisely, with minimal to no spelling and/or grammatical errors.

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