request letter for donations from a sponsor

This is the official letter for a non profit organiztion to raise for donations from a sponsor.
For privacy, the name of the organization and potential sponsor will not be given.

Please try your best to make this sponsor make a donation.

You have to mention the following 4 points why both the educational organization (for promoting North American universities)and sponsor can benefit.

1. Attract more talent students from Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan) to go to top American and Canadian universities due to their familiar with these schools, and these students can be your future employees.

2. attract talent students from non wealthy families to receive education in western countries (their financial problems can be solved by scholarships offered by colleges), and these students can be your future employees. Many students don’t know the scholarship issues, and they think western education is too expensive for them.

3. Our foundation can be named after your company. It means the education advertisement will also mention about your company names. Besides, it can also help your corporate image.

4. You have the rights to intervene the foundation or not, and how much degree you would like to intervene.

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