Research Design Proposal – EDUS

The Topic is about School Finance Reform in Virginia State
I will post note that my Professor gave me about the topic to make it clear AND i POST TWO OTHER FOLDER to be sure about every things .

Based on your personal and professional experiences you are to think of a quantitative research project you would like to conduct. Any topic that can actually be researched is acceptable—your creativity is encouraged. However, note that you cannot replicate an existing study or use a paper from another class

These are some of the information and structure for the search that my professorial gave me about your work.

1. You have not included “research” articles in your literature review. Have you found any studies that compare impacts of various funding approaches? This is important to include.

2. Please define “financial reform.” I am not sure what it means in the context of your research questions.

3. Please write your research questions as questions.

4. You should have an alternate and null hypothesis for each research question. I did not see null hypotheses.

5. Your independent and dependent variables should be evident in the research questions and hypotheses.

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