Research procedures, IVs, DVs, and significance

I am working in a group and have to answer selected questions based on the attached research article. I do not have a page limit as we just need to successfully answer the questions. I will provide an approx. number of pages and will go from there.

I uploaded the questions and instructions that correlate the research article – I have to only! answer the Step 2 Substep A (Procedures) and B (Independent variables) questions highlighted in red. The research article is copied and pasted below that pertain to the questions. Please use – For All Selected Quotations: Quotations are to be taken from the research paper cited below. These quotations must be complete sentences and accurately cited and in correct APA style: (author(s) last name(s), year of publication, and page number location).

Also, use clear, explicit, concrete, and detailed terms, answer the following in words a layperson would easily understand.

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