Research proposal for the original paper you are doing

I need a research proposal for the actual research paper these are the nstructions
Proposal Attached Files
Research Paper: Proposal Rubric (33 KB)
After your topic is approved, turn your attention to the Research Paper Proposal. It should contain the following components:

The cover page – Include your name, class name, instructor name, and date according to the Turabian manual.
A working thesis statement – State the tentative, proposed thesis of the Research Paper in one sentence.
The need for the study – Explain why this research is important. Include the reason(s) why the topic may warrant the study, e.g. the significance and/or implication of the topic in relation to history, contemporary situation, or academic controversy PLEASE USE WHATEVER REFERENCES YOU ARE USING FOR THE RESEARCH PAPER EVEN IF ITS DIFFERENT THAN WHAT i PUT ON THERE

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