Response of San Juan De La Cruz – Bonus for quality Custom Paper

These responses are your forum in which to prove to me that you have read and digested the assigned material, NOT by summarizing the reading, but by writing out your thoughts, ideas, questions (and speculated answers), and comments on the reading. I expect the responses to show proof of critical thought and analysis. Plagiarized reading responses will receive an automatic grade of zero. Remember, your responses are your responses, with your opinions. Comment on the assigned reading, compare/contrast the reading with previous assignments or things you have read outside this class, or discuss the readings in terms of modern times. Good literature students synthesize and assimilate literary themes and relate them to what is going on in the world (literary and otherwise) around them. Also, bear in mind that you are writing a close reading essay on some topic in this class. The responses are a wonderful place for you to explore ideas that may turn into paper topics.

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