retail shop supervisor

interview a retail shop supervisor. open/close ending questions for example customer services, sales, communications etc.

please provide
name of the supervisor
name of the store
address and phone.
please pick one in florida

Completed interview: you feel when you lose a customer? its poor service and its bad for business because its one less person your store or service. much will it cost to replace these customers? it is very hard to keep a customer its all how the customer feels when coming to your store and how Forster is attended.

3.when a customers calls you how do you answer the phone and end the phone call? good greatness and respect and if they need anymore service politeness.

4.when you selling to the customer you always positive about selling? you must be positive at all time its hows character of the sells man.

5.are you happy with working for this company? if you have a positive attitude and working with a company you should not have a problem unless you are unhappy with the company. you take notes when you listen to a customers? you must take notes when attending a customer because you need give them your full attention and making sure that the customer gets 100% satisfied service. you always have a answer for the customer? to full of knowledge or get an answer from someone who knows.

8.what you think about customer service? it is a big must.

9.what you think about having your company one the internet? its good publicist and advertisement on the internet because your service the world.

10.what is your opinion about customer needs and want? if its something that you have on carry service.

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