SE3500 Tutorial 6

1. A common reactor fuel is uranium dioxide.. Typically a pellet is 1 cm in
diameter and 3 cm long. The density is 10·5 kg per litre.
If the reactor flux density is 106 m-2 s–1 what is the rate of heat generated in a
pellet ?
2. Absorption microscopic cross sections of 235U and 238U for thermal neutrons
are given in the table below.
Material Cross-section,
235 U 680
238U 2·7
(a) Compute the macroscopic cross-section of uranium enriched to 20% 235U.
(b) Thus find the mean distance neutrons travel in metal fuelled uranium of this
composition before absorption in the fuel.
Since they are thermal neutrons they have entered the uranium from a moderator.
This remark does not affect the calculation asked for.

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