Senior Health/Public Health

Senior Health/Public Health

A nursing program has partnered with a neighborhood senior citizen center to provide an educational program to the participants at the center. The nursing students will be providing education to the seniors about pertinent issues associated with aging. The students explore the literature looking for information about age-related health concerns. The course the students are taking is Community Health Nursing. During the course, the students are required to develop educational proposals for the local Health Department.


After completing the required readings pertaining to senior health develop an educational proposal to present to your local Health Department for each targeted health issue. Your educational plans must be two different proposals; you cannot have two educational proposals that are the same.

Please include in the paper

The each proposal must include the following:
targeted audience
two targeted health issues within your community; Note: these must be actual concerns and you may need to visit your local health department, senior outreach programs, or other public health websites
goals and objectives for each targeted health issue related to your targeted audience; think in terms of nursing diagnosis
teaching modalities (how will you reach your target audience?)
public health/community health team members involved for each targeted issue.

thanks tim

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