SOC 100 (Week 2) Learning Team Assignment / Sociological Perspectives Paper *

Resource: NBC videos link, located on the student website

Watch the following videos:

Three Cups of Tea

Northern Exposure

Religion Unplugged

School Girl Attacks

The Joy of Garbage

Young Evangelicals

Discuss the videos as a team.

Select one video clip to analyze as a team.

Evaluate your selected video from the sociological perspective assigned to your Learning Team.

Team A: Functionalist perspective

Team B: Conflict perspective

Team C: Symbolic Interactionist perspective

Team D: Feminist perspective

Team E: Evolutionary perspective

Team F: As assigned by instructor

Write a 500- to 750-word essay explaining the content of the video based on your assigned sociological theoretical approach.

Preparea brief introduction that identifies the video and clarifies the applied theoretical perspective.

Describespecific components of the perspective used in the evaluation.

Explainspecific examples from the video from the viewpoint of the designated theoretical approach. Formatyour essay consistent with APA guidelines.

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