Sociology of food- Tea and its importance in consumption role played in global capitalism

3000 word essay doesnt need to be this long. even 2500 is good
Tea is my choice of commodity

Research your commodity (TEA) to explain its importance in consumption and the role it played in the establishment of global capitalism.

explore the topic extensively- taking into account and exploring history and social relations, trade relationships, human involvement and consumption of tea and its place within modern society and consumption.History and social relations. Consumption. industrialization. British going to india etc…
all these processes need to be considered = Production, distribution, consumption, preparation and disposal

What was its impact on the development of capitalism?

This is a research essay so in-depth reading is required.

Essay should:
; Be concise (3,000 words); Be on double-spaced A4 paper; Include a 5cm margin on the left for marker comments; Be correctly referenced in the text (consistent with the attached guidelines); Include a bibliography at the end;

The types of resources used need to be from peer revied journals and also books are allowed to be used. The types of sources used need to be ones which would be accesible through university. this is for a third year sociology paper.
In text referencing please

i generally like to start my essay off with something inviting to get the reader/ marker engaged and interested. maybe about teas highs consumption accorss the world and the many differnt varieties. may be a place ot start.

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