For Module 3, you are to continue to work with the information architecture tutorial at Please read through Lesson 3 [2], and follow its steps for creating chapter 3 of your design document:

Identify Content and Functional Requirements
Group and Label Content

This part of the tutorial concludes:

“Create a new chapter in your design document called Content and Functional Requirements. Include a summary of the content inventory. Add a section about how the content is grouped and named. Add the list of functional requirements with a summary, if you like. The content inventory should be included as an appendix to the design document. Remember to publish these results so that everyone can see them.”

Your “publication” consists of submitting your “results” in report form as your SLP 3 assignment.

SLP Assignment Expectations

LENGTH: 2-3 pages typed and double-spaced

The following items will be assessed in particular:

The degree to which you have carried out the assignment completely, or clarified why you could not and investigated alternatives
Your ability to focus on the overall purposes of the assignment, not just its specific steps
Your use of some in-text references to what you have read; please cite all sources properly

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