some issue or event in American History from 1771 through 1799

Each Discussion is worth 50 points.

Student discussions will have a two week process.  In the first week students will pick a subject listed for that roundtable.  You will post your primary post by the Friday of the first week.

1) Explain your specific topic in a 4-6 paragraph essay covering the who, what, where, why and how of the subject.  You must include which reading or video the topic came from.

2) Give four non Wikipedia specific web link sources in URL form [NOT a search result URL and NOT a general URL that fails to take people directly to the specific information].

3) Ask a question about the subject.  Questions should NOT have simple answers.  For example, do NOT ask what year did X happen or where did X happen?  Do not ask pointless and obscure questions such as “whose name is on such and such a monument”.  Questions should be more complex.  For example you could as why did the North win the Civil War?

4) You must reply to at least five other student’s initial question and to all students that reply to your question.  Give your sources that support your claim for your answer.  Do NOT just answer off the top of your head – give evidence.  Do NOT post to another student’s post later than Friday of the second week so they have time to respond to you before the Roundtable closes.

Grammar and spelling must be correct.  No “texting” shortcuts in language.

You must reply to at LEAST 5 other student’s primary posts or lose 5 points for each answer you are short.

You must reply to all posts to your primary thread or you will lose 10 points.

You must reply to any response from me or you will lose 10 points for that thread.

You must complete this process by the second week (the first week after the initial week.)

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