Subtopic for Human nature

Hello. I need you to write a research proposal based on Human Nature , but you can chose a topic as you want , but please it must be simple and researchable . Something with students i don’t know like for example :
Topic: Dreams
Hypothesis: Dreams are essential for mental health
Topic: Athletic training
Hypothesis :Athletic training improves body response
Topic: Positive reinforcement
Hypothesis: positive reinforcement is the most effective tool form of discipline
Topic: television watching
Hypothesis: television watching weakens the academic performance of high school students

But please think on topic and hypothesis very well , because I need to write my research paper based on my topic and conduct a research ( questionnaires and interview , NOT observations or some other difficult staff ) YES, AND PLEASE FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS !!!
Instructions for research question

Is the question right for me?
Will the question hold my interest?
Can I manage any potential biases/subjectivities I may have?
Is the question right for the field?
Will the findings be considered significant?
Will it make a contribution?
Is the question well articulated?
Are the terms well-defined?
Are there any unchecked assumptions?
Is the question doable?
Can information be collected in an attempt to answer the question?
Do I have the skills and expertise necessary to access this information? If not, can the skills be developed?
Will I be able to get it all done within my time constraints?
Are costs likely to exceed my budget?
Are there any potential ethics problems?

Nine conditions For an effective research hypothesis

Write a statement that requires testing
Write a statement that can be tested by reference to materials in the library
Write an arguable statement: one that can be challenged
Avoid predicting the future
Avoid negative statements
Avoid unintended comparisons
Avoid statements that are actually topics in disguise
Avoid a hypothesis that is too broad
Write a proposition of fact rather than one of value or policy

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