Target Market Worksheet – DOVE MILK CHOCOLATE BARS

Instructions: Using your product for the Marketing Strategy Analysis Project, complete the Target Market Worksheet below. You will use this information to write the target market section next week and your final Marketing Strategy Analysis report during Week Six. Keep in mind that you are analyzing a current target market for this product; not creating a new one. The company may have many different target markets, but you will choose only one.

Define one target market for DOVE MILK CHOCOLATE BARS using all bases of segmentation described in the textbook beginning on page 123. Remember that a target market description describes the people in the target market. Product descriptions do not belong in this section.

Remember that all people in this target market geography need to be able to be reached using the same marketing mix (product, price, promotion, & place). If any of these aspects need to be changed to reach part of the defined group of people, the target market description is too broad.

For each answer below, explain your rationale for the choice in 2-3 sentences.


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