The Countess von Schönfeld with her Daughter Custom Paper

As is standard in the discipline of art history, you will be required to use Chicago Manual Style 16th Edition for citations and formatting. The following is a detailed guideline for how your 4 essays need to be formatted for this class:
1. Do NOT use a cover page.
2. Use 1” margins on each page’s top, bottom, right, and left.
3. Text is to be double-spaced.
4. Align the essay text to the left.
5. Use Times New Roman font, in size 12. Any other font or size will result in the essay losing points.
6. Include page numbers (Arabic, not Roman numeral) in the upper right portion of the page. Before the page number, your last name should be typed, followed by a comma. Example: “Garcia, 1”.
7. Paragraphs are identified by an indentation of five spaces (a tab); do not make extra spaces between paragraphs.
8. In the upper left portion of the first page, type your name, the due date of the assignment, your discussion section and the TA’s name, the title of your paper. All four of these lines need to be single-spaced, not double-spaced.
9. In-text citations will be signified by an Arabic numeral in superscript and the citation will be listed as an endnote, not footnote.

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