The economy of a project ‘Steam Injection to Heavy Oil

The field is part of the Kern River Oil Field, Located in California. I need a full economy analysis for the project. Because the field is not real, hence you’ll have to figure out the cost of everything required for the project.

For example, I need to know how many electrical generators I need for the project and cost of it. In addition, any other associated machinery for the electrical generators. Also, some considerations need to be taken like spare generators in case of failure etc.

some info about the field ….
Field location: Kern River Oil Field, San Joaquin Valley, California
State: Onshore
Area: 3km x 4km; Depth: 800 feet
STOIIP: 0.8 billion barrels
Production rate is 28 barrels of oil per day
California is a major source of heavy oil, a dense oil which is defined as having less than 20° API gravity. Due to its high viscosity and resistance to flow, enhanced oil recovery techniques are required to efficiently and cost effectively produce such a field.
Enhanced Oil Recovery of heavy oils is traditionally achieved by heating the reservoir fluids, which reduces their viscosity, thereby making them more mobile, and so improving their recovery. Steam injection is a method which has been proved to be particularly effective for heavy oil recovery. Both reservoir and fluid characteristics in the Kern River Field are very favourable for thermal recovery methods. While production costs and refining costs for heavy oil exceed that for light oil, applying information technology solutions for decision making prove to significantly increase the profits of operations.

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