The Llanover Forge is a gastro-pub situated 3 miles north of Cardiff in the pretty traditional village of Bont Rudry Custom Paper

Bont Rudry has good access to south and mid Wales via the nearby A470 and to west Wales and south west England via the M4/M5. As the name suggests the pub building used to be a forge when first built in the seventeenth century. It was converted into a gastro-pub in the 1990’s and has operated successfully as such since then. Llanover Forge attracts walkers, other outdoor groups and local business people for lunch throughout the week and members of the local community during the evenings, especially later in the week, and at weekends.

However the business is now beginning to feel the effects of the recession despite rising tourism in the area. They are finding it hard to maintain the same profit margins because of rising food and energy costs but decreasing disposable income amongst their current customers. The owners believe that they must develop the business to survive. In fact they had been planning an expansion for some time but had never quite got round to finalising the most rationale way forwards.

The main building of the forge is used for the gastro-pub with the rooms above being used by the owners. There is no accommodation for guests. However there are a large number of adjacent outbuildings currently used (if at all) for storage, garaging friends cars etc etc. The owners have decided that they would like to develop this space as either;

a. accommodation
b. function space
c. a combination of both.

You are required to make a recommendation for the best way to develop the business. In your answer you must consider
• the advantages and disadvantages of each option
• how your recommendation would impact upon the original business of the gastro-pub.

You must justify your answer with reference to academic theory. In order to pass this assignment a minimum of eight academic sources must be correctly cited. The work must be professionally presented and must have been proofread before submission.

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