the loss of salmon in the columbia river

Students in this course are invited to stretch their research, thinking, and writing skills by preparing a 7-8 page scholarly paper related to Blaine Harden’s A River Lost. You will need to choose one of the areas he elucidates as he moves down the Columbia River. Use what you have learned to lay out historical context and then grapple with one of those issues, such as Hanford (nuclear power, downwinders, waste), the loss of salmon, or the changing relationship of Native Americans to the river. The general topic area will need to be defined in such a way that the argument is sharp and focused. In other words, a formal paper contending that the Columbia River enabled the development of the atomic bomb in 1945 or the bomb’s use implicated the river in bringing nuclear contamination to downstream communities would constitute legitimate, manageable paper topics. Whereas a research paper showing how the Columbia River helps people of the Pacific Northwest would require a lifetime of research. The research also requires a reasonable search of primary materials, so you need to get going on this as soon as possible. At the least 4 primary documents and 3 peer-reviewed secondary works are required to research this topic. They can be journal articles as well as historical books.

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