The Pledge of Allegiance needs to be established back into the United States schooling systems

Paper 2:
Evaluation Argument
Professor Hedden – English 122 / Community College of Denver
You will not get any credit if your paper is submitted any other way than:
• Submitted electronically in the D2L Dropbox / or D2L Email
• As an attached WORD .doc or .docx file
• In correct MLA format
• Must be 3-4 pages, including MLA Works-cited page.
• Due NO LATER than Sept 26th 2012
Identify a subject from your previous issue (a person, party, law, event, etc.) and evaluate it according to a criteria you set. (See Chapter 10, from Good Reasons…) 1 pt
Make 3 (no more or less) claims that evaluate the value of your subject according to the criteria you set. 1 pt
Introduce your subject and 3 criteria that support your evaluation before elaborating on each claim in the body of your essay. 1 pt
Use transitions sufficiently, moving through points and time with ease rather than abruptness. 1 pt
Use a graphic summary (specifically, a bar graph, line graph, or pie chart) in order to illustrate statistics/data that supports your evaluation. Must be placed correctly. 1 pt
Conclude the essay in the following structure:
1. Acknowledge an opposing side who might disagree with your evaluation.
2. Restate your evaluation and 3 criteria – Why is your evaluation correct.
3. Add a possible solution, or what needs to be done in order for your evaluation to gain support. 1 pt
Utilize credible evidence from, at least, 3 sources. (Can be book, periodical, or electronic sources) to support your argument. Credibility also means correctly citing the text (in-text citations) that reference to your works-cited page. 1 pt
Must include a “Works-cited” page that correctly corresponds to in-text citations. (No more than 3 mistakes) 1 pt
No more than 10 Grammar, Punctuation, Spelling, Word Usage mistakes. 2 pts
10 pts total

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