Theses are my answers to the Case Study.

Theses are my answers to the Case Study. Please do NOT copy word for word, but use as a guide.
Leadership Case Problem A: Why Can’t We Work Like a Real Team?

1. What do you recommend that leadership at Crystal Motors do to enhance teamwork in the service department?
Service department members may not be intuitively aware of the importance of teamwork. Although scheduling would be difficult, a dealership outing, such as a picnic, might emphasize the importance of teamwork. A bonus program based on profits in the service department might be another way of reinforcing teamwork.

2. What different contributions might Ventura and Magellan make in enhancing teamwork in the service department?
Ventura might provide more strategic direction for teamwork, such as emphasizing that the dealership’s goal is to bring about a higher level of teamwork. He might also be able to set up policies, such as team bonuses, to emphasize teamwork. Magellan might be more involved in the implementation of formal and informal activities to encourage teamwork. She might establish, for example, a “high-performing team” award.
3. What do you recommend that the team leaders (red, blue, etc.) do to get the service technicians and general workers to cooperate better with each other?
The team leaders need to reinforce good teamwork, and discourage poor teamwork, day by day. Positive feedback might be offered for good team play, and negative feedback for poor team play. Some of the technicians may not have thought about the importance of cooperation and teamwork.

4. In what way is a pit crew, as referred to by Magellan, an effective team?
A pit crew in automobile racing requires highly coordinated, world class teamwork. Each crew member has a precise role to execute (such as left rear wheel changer) in a compressed time frame. All these fast actions must be accomplished without interfering with the work of other team members. Because the pit crews usually accomplish their goal, they are a highly effective team.

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