tobacco smoking and lung cancer disease in chinese population

1. it is 5 pages of a researcher paper and the bibiolography by the end, this paper is about the relationshipe between smoking and lung cancer disease in chinese population.
2. has to be done with APA style and has to follow the PICO questions and answer each question individually using the three article that i will send to you.
3. the first article is "Lung Cancer in Chinese Women: Evidence for an Interaction between Tobacco Smoking and Exposure to Inhalants in the Indoor Environment", the second article is "Body mass index and smoking-related lung cancer risk in the
Singapore Chinese Health Study", and the third article is "Non–Small Cell Lung Cancer:Epidemiology, Risk Factors, Treatment, and Survivorship". Please use mainly the first two articles to do the paper and only use the third article in the biolography and also use it for any extra information is needed.
4. I will send the three articles and the PICO questions that you are going to follow to do the paper, the paper has to have APA style 5 pages paper, an introduction, answer for each PICO question from the articles, and finally the conclusion.
5. I will also send an exmple of a similar paper was written by a student , use this sample paper as a guide to help you to do my research paper.
Thanks a lot

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